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Research Guidelines & Process

“Guiding Principles” for Research Institute for Home Care-Sponsored Research:

The Research Institute for Home Care is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) national consortium of home care providers and organizations. The Institute invests in research and education about home health care and its ability to deliver quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care across the care continuum. The Institute is committed to conducting and sponsoring research and initiatives that demonstrate and enhance the value proposition that home care has to offer patients and the entire U.S. health care system. The Institute considers sponsoring a wide range of studies, including those that inform clinical and policy areas. The Institute supports qualitative, quantitative, clinical trials, observational studies, prospective, and retrospective studies that achieve the primary aims of the organization.

The Institute’s Board of Directors sets “priority areas” for research and the overall funding amounts for research activities. Based on the priority areas set by the Board, the Institute’s Research Work Group determines specific projects for funding. As part of this process, the Research Work Group crafts solicitations for proposals that address the priority areas for the organization and also reviews unsolicited research proposals.

The Institute believes in adherence to core values in the pursuit of research initiatives. These values are scientific rigor, integrity, transparency, innovation, peer review, academic freedom, and protection of the safety and confidentiality of research participants. The Institute will select projects with a high likelihood of publication and dissemination in peer-reviewed venues including studies with neutral or negative findings regarding aspects of home health.

Policy Effective Date: June 28, 2013